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Kineton Green Primary School

Our Ethos and Values

Vision Statement:

Our Trust Values

Success through Endeavour:
We work hard and develop resilience to ensure that we are able to collectively and positively overcome any barriers that we face.

Ambition through Challenge:
We are relentlessly ambitious for all our students and colleagues and challenge them to do their best, every lesson, every day.

Strength through Diversity:
We are truly inclusive, embrace each other’s differences and backgrounds and respect each other’s views and beliefs.


At Kineton Green we create a safe, enjoyable and exciting community in which every person is valued and encouraged to explore their potential in an infinitely changing world. Underpinning this are our values of respect, safety, trust, confidence and engagement in learning.

Our values – the five bees


Be safe and healthy

  • Make choices which help contribute to a healthy lifestyle.
  • Be aware of factors which help keep ourselves and others safe.


Be confident

  • Focus on the positive.
  • Foster self confidence and self esteem.
  • Understand that we can learn through our mistakes.
  • Accept we are all different (no two individuals are the same) and we all have
    our own special qualities.
  • Enjoy life and be happy.
  • Feel valued.
  • Be challenged and motivated.
  • Be resilient and resourceful.


Be trustworthy and honest

  • Be trustworthy and honest to oneself and others.


Be a lifelong learner

  • Ensure the pupils are at the heart of Kineton Green School.
  • Have high standards for each child to enjoy learning and achieve to the best of
    their abilities.
  • Ensure all pupils have equal and inclusive opportunities to access learning and
    achieve success.
  • Equip pupils with skills for life.


Be respectful

  • Recognise, respect and embrace the diversity of faith, culture and beliefs.
  • Take care of our environment.
  • Recognise everyone’s rights and responsibilities.
  • Include all and treat everyone equally.
  • Foster good manners including politeness, caring, sharing, empathy,
    thoughtfulness and friendship.
  • Ensure all voices are recognised and valued.