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Kineton Green Primary School


Curriculum Intent Statement for Kineton Green Primary

Pupils’ learning and development is at the heart of our school’s curriculum.

Our intent is to create a safe, enjoyable and exciting community in which every person is valued and encouraged to explore their potential in an infinitely changing world. Underpinning this are our values of respect, safety, trust, confidence and engagement in learning through a broad and balanced curriculum.

At Kineton Green Primary we have designed our curriculum with pupils’ learning at the centre which is centred around our values of the ‘5 Bees.’

  • Be safe and healthy
  • Be respectful
  • Be confident
  • Be trustworthy and honest
  • Be a lifelong learner

Become the bees’ knees at Kineton Green!

We recognise that a curriculum has to be broad, balanced and offer pupils opportunities to grow as individuals as well as learners.

We aim to ensure pupils enjoy learning and feel prepared for life after school; through classroom learning experiences and inspiring extra-curricular activities that are designed to build resilience, confidence and self-esteem.

We recognise that pupils make the best progress through being appropriately challenged and supported to develop the skills and knowledge to be critical, creative, caring and collaborative learners.

Implementation of the Curriculum

The curriculum will be implemented through good quality first teaching, enriched experiences and purposeful learning through explicit links to our school values – The 5 Bees. This will be supported by robust assessment enabling timely interventions to support all pupils including vulnerable and disadvantaged students.

Year group curriculums have been designed to be progressive, enabling pupils to build on and solidify their skills, knowledge and vocabulary by engaging and responding to key questions linked to specifically chosen themes.

Permeating this will be a planned programme of study of a range of artists, scientists, thinkers, politicians, mathematicians, sports men and women, explorers and historical figures covering the key cultural people, works and concepts to inspire and motivate our pupils. These will be relevant to Kineton Green’s curriculum content, helping empower the children to take an active role in their own future and that of others.

Intended Curriculum Outcomes

Our curriculum has been designed for a range of learners, providing equal opportunities for all.

Be Respectful:

  • All pupils recognise, respect and embrace the diversity of faith, culture and beliefs.
  • To take care of our environment.
  • Recognise everyone’s rights and responsibilities.
  • To include all and treat everyone equally.
  • To have good manners including politeness, caring, sharing, empathy, thoughtfulness and friendship.
  • Recognised and value all voices.
  • Be a good listener.
  • Become responsible individuals who contribute to the community (local and global) and the environment.
  • Cooperative individuals.

Be Safe and Healthy:

  • The ability to make choices which help contribute to a healthy lifestyle.
  • An awareness of factors which help keep themselves and others safe.

Be Trustworthy and Honesty:

  • Trust worthy and honest to themselves and others.

Be Confident:

  • Focus on the positive.
  • Have built good self-confidence and self-esteem.
  • Understand that we can learn through our mistakes.
  • Accept we are all different (no two individuals are the same) and we all have our own special qualities
  • Enjoy life and be happy.
  • Feel valued.
  • Motivated and willing to take a risk – be brave.
  • To be resilient and resourceful.
  • Articulate individuals.

Be a Life Long Learner:

  • Children are inspired, curious and critical learners.
  • For all pupils to reach their potential regardless of their starting point or barriers to learning.
  • Developed life-long skills.
  • Have acquired a wealth of knowledge and experiences.
  • Cooperate with their peers and respect one another when learning collaboratively.

Religious Education is taught throughout the school, and an act of worship is held every day. Parents can withdraw their children from all or part of Religious Education and Collective Worship.

The Foundation Stage:

Every child deserves the best possible start in life and support to fulfil their potential. A child’s experience in the early years has a major impact on their future and provides the foundation for children to make the most of their abilities and talents as they grow up. The Foundation Stage experience at Kineton Green ensures that children are safe, have fun and thrive.

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